Georgetown Commons HOA Board and Committees


The Board of Directors consists of Association members who have volunteered their time for the greater good of the Association. Below you will find a listing of the currently elected Board of Directors.

The Association Board of Directors has remained extremely attentive to the concerns of the homeowners and is committed to providing the highest possible level of cost-effective service for the property, while keeping the monthly assessment for each home at a reasonable level when compared to other mature association communities in the area.

Georgetown Commons HOA Committees


Donald Massecar   |  President  |  email:  |  Term Ends 2023

Doretta O’Conner | Vice President  |  email: |  Term Ends 2022

Hans Porte |  Treasurer  |  email:  |  Term Ends 2022

David Giordano | Secretary  | email: |  Term Ends 2023


Kathy Sayadoff | Director  |  email:  |Term Ends 2022

Dolly Cerame | Director  |  email: |  Term Ends 2021

Nikki Bittner | Director  |  email:  |  Term Ends 2022


The following committees are active within your Association. If you are interested in volunteering your time or learning more about the services these committees provide to your Association, please contact the committee chairperson. Click on the tabs below to see the various committees.


Planning  | Chair: Hans Porte
By-Laws  | Chair: Julie Gusmerotti
Finance  | Chair: Hans Porte
Architecture  | Chair: Charlie Clark
Landscaping  | Chair: Nikki Bittner

Social | Chair: Mary Hryzak and Marilyn Cerame
Welcome  | Chair: TBD
Emergency | Cecile
Library | Jeanne Kurzik

Communications  | Chair: John Gubiotti
Clubhouse  | Chair: TBD
Nominating   | Chair: Bill Karpinski
Election  | Chair: TBD